Spring 2020

This is when and where I kick start the spring season with updates on the overwintered success of the nucleus and production bee colonies… I’m seeing a lot of early pollen coming into the colonies on those rare 40-50 degree days… Then back to CO winter with snow and cold…  This is what makes it difficult to be more accurate in the readiness of our nucleus colonies that we make ready each spring.   BUT this season we have a new obstacle to deal with!

COVID-19.  While all of CO is under the Shelter in Place the bees are going about their typical business as usual.  Seeking pollen and nectar for the next brood cycles.  Luckily they are not impacted at all.

But there now exists some new obstacles for the beekeepers.  Because of that,  I’d like to make some recommendations  and suggestions for those that are on the list for 2020 equipment and 5 frame nucleus colonies.

Previously it was possible to pick up the equipment in March/April and return the painted/customized equipment for bee install in May.  This early painting/customizing provided a good winter project for many while CO was under snow and cold.

BUT, NEW for spring 2020, considering the events/conditions taking place I want to reduce back and forth trips and potential unnecessary exposures.

Equipment pick up will only occur after the bees are installed middle/end of May weather permitting.  All equipment already in a virus free environment will additionally be sanitized previous to early morning pick ups.  Future painting/customizing hive bodies will have to be completed during the summer once the colonies are in the beekeepers new yard.  

Honey is also available for pick up and containers will be sanitized previous to pick up.

If anyone has questions or wants to cancel their request for equipment/bees please just contact us.  I understand these are difficult times for many, especially the unknown… It is understood that there is a significant cost to getting started in this addicting hobby.  Please don’t hesitate to cancel if this provides a future hardship.  Stay safe.