2021 5 Frame Nucleus Colonies

Time to kick off the 2021 season with the last offering of our 5 frame honey bee nucleus colonies. As many of you know I have been trying to retire from beekeeping after 42 years. But with any passion it’s hard to give up completely and I have surplus colonies for this coming season.

These remaining 2021 nucs are the best of the best. As many of you know queen rearing has been my passion. My breeder colonies were developed and selected over 40 years with semen and genetics from all across the US and USDA Research Station in Baton Rouge. Productive, hardy, gentle temperaments, and resistant to many diseases. However they are somewhat limited in number this year. I’m making them available in 5 frame woodenware. These woodenware set ups are my single favorite hive configuration for building up nucleus colonies, making annual splits, as well as swarm catching. Both 5 frame deep or 5 frame medium configurations are available.

As in previous years the order process begins in January to get on the list. Depending on our spring weather the colonies are ready for pick up the middle of May – the first of June. Each 5 frame nuc contains 3 frames bees, brood, queen, 1 frame honey/pollen, and 1 frame of foundation for the bees ability to expand. They are screened for pick up. Extra boxes are also available to allow internal feeders or expansion. Contact us for additional information or to get on our list.