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With our healthy hives and resistant queens heading these colonies we are able to offer the following products for 2021.   Please contact us for additional information and availability @

     * Hardy Colorado Lavender & Honey CSALimited memberships

    * Chemical Free 100% Raw Honey

Includes Comb Honey directly from the hives and our signature Creamed or Spun Honey.

   * 5 frame Overwintered Honey Bee Nucleus Colonies with overwintered Varroa Sensitive Hygienic queen – Contact Us early to assure availability.  

Installed in our 5 frame equipment to include 3 frames brood, bees & queen, 1 nectar/pollen frame and 1 frame of foundation.  These nucleus colonies will still need to be treated for varroa mites over the season… While they have genetics that include “some” resistance they will rely on the beekeeper to add additional organic treatments.

Used standard Langstroth Bee Hive Equipment- Limited availability for 2021 

8 frame hive configurations:

Solid Bottom Board/Screened Bottom BoardDSC_0025

2 Deep Hive Bodies with 16 wood frames, foundation or drawn comb

Telescoping Lid & Inner Cover

Optional:  Honey Super with 8 wood frames, foundation or drawn comb.

Queen Excluders

Frame Feeders

* VSH Colorado Select Production Queen Honey Bees- very limited for 2021

Open mated queen, ready for installation from June – August, weather permitting.  Varying levels of Varroa resistant genetics will be shown in these quality queen bees.  Breeder Queen selection is based on greater levels of production, temperament & hardiness in our Colorado weather extremes.  However your colonies will still rely on organic varroa mite treatments to insure their survival…

  * Instrumentally Inseminated VSH Breeder Queen Honey Bee- Not available for 2021.