Local Colorado residents are calling our honey, “liquid gold”!  Our hives are not placed in agricultural areas that expose them to toxic pesticide or fungicidal spraying.  They remain in Colorado throughout the year and are located in our own chemical free apiary that includes a lavender farm that’s rich with additional and diverse nectar’s.  No antibiotics or additional chemicals are placed in our hives.  Our honey is not heated or pasteurized which preserves and protects the natural enzymes found in honey.  We know you will not find a better source for local, raw honey than what Red Dog Expressions & Lavender Farm produce each year. With each year’s harvest, we get the best the bees have produced naturally.

We offer comb honey right from the hive, extracted honey in various sizes starting at 8oz., 12 oz., pints and quarts. All pure, raw, unfiltered, unheated honey for those that want the best.

Our signature and specialty honey products include our Lavender creamed or spun honey.  We also use our earliest and lightest honey to add various spices or flavoring oils. They include, lemon, blackberry, cinnamon, peach, and raspberry, to name a few.

But after 19 years of making our quality honey available at the Downtown and Harmony Farmers Markets we have something new for 2020.

A Hardy Colorado Lavender & Honey Community Sponsored Agricultural program.  These subscription or membership programs have become very popular in Ft. Collins as more and more family’s are searching for chemical free and organic products.

We know you will want more information, so please “contact us” for our 2020 calendar of offerings.