Lavender Farm

2011 was the beginning of the newest idea, a Lavender Farm to compliment the apiary.  June & July are quite spectacular now with over 900 Lavender plants that include 9 different varieties, planted over a 3 year period.  They now bloom non- stop throughout the summer season.    As the plants are maturing, our efforts involve providing the necessary moisture needed to continue to thrive in our relatively desert conditions.  There’s a reason that the Front Range of Colorado is lacking in additional Lavender Farms.  Hopefully we will continue to be successful in the continued challenge Colorado weather presents to the agricultural community.


Hardy lavender plants, fresh and dried lavender bunches, culinary lavender, soaps, lotions, and lavender honey are all offered on  Saturdays at the Larimer County Downtown Farmers Market from May-October.

Contact us for any additional questions or availability of our chemical free products.