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Queen Cells in Hives:

Kris was a founding member in the Northern States Queen Breeders Association. Begun in 2008, they exchange queens and hardy survivor genetics with other treatment free members across the Northern States. A very strong and valuable asset geared towards sustainable beekeeping without the use of chemical treatments to our colonies.

Kris was also selected to be an original participant in the Rocky Mountain Survivor Queen Bee Cooperative. The project promoted chemical-free, survivor cross-stock queen honeybee breeding and rearing.  It included six New Mexico and three Coloradoan beekeepers spanning  457.62 miles- 7 counties- over 2 states, from Santa Fe, NM to Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Kris is also the investigating producer in the selected 2014 WSARE Grant Proposal – FW 14-027.   Colorado Queen Honey Bee Testing Project for Increased Sustainability  This project will span 2 years and Colorado Beekeepers are invited to become involved this 2014 summer season.  Additional resistant breeding stock will be tested, selected and distributed throughout Colorado.  See: for additional information and status of the project.

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