2015 Colorado Honey Bee Nucleus Hives and VSH Survivor Stock Queens

We’re getting ready to kick off our 2015 season as we sit through this latest week of snow and cold.  Our hives sure looked good as they were prepped for winter so I’m optimistic as they face a few more months of winter challenges. It seems there has been much more interest in our Hardy Colorado Honey Bee Nucleus Hives and our tested VSH Queens with their built in productivity and varroa resistance.

While our CO bees can not compete with the early CA bees in packages, they can and do compete with hardiness, gentleness, productivity, and resistance to pests and disease.  Unfortunately it does take a little longer, especially if we see another Mothers Day snow storm..

Just contact us to get put on the list for any of our offerings or to get additional information on availability:


5 Frame Nucleus Colony                                                                           2014 VSH Production Queen