Colorado Select Queen Honey Bee

My specialty and focus in beekeeping since 2001 is breeding and producing hardy Colorado honey bee queens from my most productive, overwintered stock. These young queens are monitored, introduced into small colonies, build up, and overwinter to become the production and breeder candidates for our upcoming season.

The varroa mite remains the number one pest to all beekeepers across the country. Because of this I have included genetics in my breeder queens that were developed from the USDA Research Station in Baton Rouge that includes the Varroa Sensitive Hygienic gene. This genetic trait, in which the bees are especially aggressive against the varroa mite, allows the bees to detect the varroa mites while hidden in the sealed brood cells. The bees then uncap and remove the infected brood along with the mites.

Additionally, all my colonies remain in Colorado for the variable winter and spring weather provided the Front Range each year.  One more test that illustrates the hardiest and most vigorous colonies for additional testing and reproduction.  This also makes yearly queen availability somewhat difficult to predict and I encourage area beekeepers to contact us early in the year for availability of these locally adapted 2020 queens.

In addition to the production queens I provide a limited number of Instrumentally Inseminated Breeder Queens with VSH genetics coming directly from the USDA Baton Rouge research station and John Harbo the first to document this SMR or Suppressed Mite Response.  Area beekeepers will find these traits in my Breeder Queens invaluable as they add these genetics to their existing colonies and apiaries.


 Our breeder queens are selected from our strongest overwintered production colonies each season.

  • Please note these select queens will not totally replace an Integrated Pest Management System.  Varroa levels will still need to be monitored to assure survival.